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One Word

My word for 2014:  Grow

I read the book One Word That Will Change Your Life, and I thought how this would be a more direct, intense and fulfilling approach rather than making new year’s resolutions.  As I looked at action plan, I wanted to ponder the aspect of one word and created a list in my mind–participate, fearless, bold.  I prayed for my word hoping to get clarification.  Yet, my indecisiveness continued.  Then, down to the wire, this evening I was looking for a connector to my kindle.  I knew where it was suppose to be, but yet couldn’t seem to find it.  Finally, after looking in the same spot several times, I found it under a stack books.  Moving the books, I noticed a journal that had the words-ideas grow here.  Grow….grow, was there a purpose for this search.  I thought about it, but wasn’t fully convinced.  Then, I moved another stack of books, and the top book had the words–love, aspire, grow. I got the message!  I completed the questions, but still realized that if I grow in my relationship the Lord, then everything else will fall into place. My word is grow!


Click here to read more about the book!


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