April 13, challenging, flowers, gardening, goals

What to do?

My flower bed was beautiful.  Then, after the hurricane a few years ago, I had to work diligently to bring it back to life.  Time became an issue because I just didn’t have any to spare.  I must admit that I deserted it and left it alone for way to long.  This past summer, in the wake of another hurricane, we had to say good by to the lovely, old, and leaning tree that was part of my garden.  Now, without the tree, the weeds have taken over.  I worked for awhile today, and I must admit, I almost want to give up.  But, I have come to the conclusion that I need to remove everything except the palm trees and start over.  Unfortunately, it’s a rainy couple of days ahead.  So, this is now one of my goals over the next few weeks and into summer.


2 thoughts on “What to do?”

  1. 1.Cover the weedy area with landscape fabric. (If you don’t have budget for it, cut open your old cotton clothes to cover them all.)
    2.Cover at least 3″ thick of mulch.
    The way allow water through to ground and block the light of weed so they will die.

    Good luck!

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