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rambling today

I really should have stayed home today.  I was not in the mood for company.  Wait, that’s not actually true.  I was not in the mood for certain company.

I also was not comfortable.  Staring at a computer screen all days decrees that there should be a certain “comfy” factor.

I felt crammed in the room and wanted the walls to expand magically into a room the size of a gymnasium. (With relaxing music, the smell of fresh-baked bread, an endless supply of caffeine, my dog to cuddle in my lap…wait…I’m rambling.) It didn’t happen, so I would just take a walk outside every hour or so.

Whispering.  Whispering in front of others.  If there are only three to five people in the room, and you want to say something to someone without the others hearing it, take it outside.  This is not elementary school.

Also, if you want to talk on your phone while shopping……keep the buggy moving.  Expecting people to wait on you while you talk on your phone, and to someone standing next to you is annoying.  It’s just to “everything revolves around me.”  Please, we all have things to do, and your buggy is causing my head to spin.

See….should have stayed in bed and watched lifetime movies!


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