june 12, life in general, technology, work

What was I thinking?

I don’t know why I didn’t think before I signed, or actually electronically submitted, my name for this course.  I’ve wanted to have this certification for a while, but I wasn’t rationally thinking about the process.  The class is IC3 Global Standards 3 (GS3)….computing fundamentals.  Actually, it is more than just the fundamentals for those of us that do not have a degree in computer science or technology.  It’s nine hours of interactive training online.  This would not bother me at all…normally, however, this summer I am working with technology all day.  Yep, all day at the computer.  Yes, you guessed it! Trying to force myself to watch all of the online videos is causing me a great deal of stress.  I enjoy surfing the web, but not listening to information about applications and servers.  To add to my annoyance with my decision, one of the techs mentioned that she took the culminating test just to see what it was like……and failed. Ummm….I think I may be in trouble!


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