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After a disappointing start to my exercise routine last week, I decided to challenge myself to make it a habit.  I read once that it takes only 21 days to form a habit.  (Unfortunately, I’m not sure that it takes only 21 days to break a bad habit!)  Since getting on the treadmill around 3 or 4, after work, is just absolutely painful and brings complete dread to the gym visit, I decided to complete this task in the morning.  I enjoy it more, and then I can go to the gym for classes and to complete the weight rotations.  Hopefully this is a habit that will stick.  Now, to fight the caffeine and carb habit!  Time…time…all in good time! Fingers crossed & prayers raised!


1 thought on “habits”

  1. Bad habits are like deep ruts in the road, it takes effort to steer out of them and then focus to keep on the right path. Don’t give up! You’ll figure out how to make changes that work for you and then it will be easier because you enjoy the new routine 🙂

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