challenge, may 12, weight loss


Today, I began my “healthy trails”  journey.  I have been here before, and I know my enemies.  There are several that wish to sink my feet in their murky, sugary, and delectable and needless calories.  Why oh why? I know that sounded a bit cheesy, but it is kind of true.  My worst enemy is the one in the picture.  I crave that one sip each morning and evening.  Normally, I just take that one…or maybe two sips.  However, I noticed last week that it was more, a whole can or two more.  This helps to explain the weight gain over the past few months. It is ridiculous to be so addicted to a liquid that can be used to clean away rust!  The first week of weaning myself from this such large amounts will be torture, which actually means that I will definitely have a few headaches from the withdrawal.  In the end, the parting of ways will mean fewer calories and carbs.


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