healthy trails, may 12, weight loss

healthy trails begin now!

Last year at this time I was on a terrific high from loosing over thirty pounds.  Yep, you guessed it!  I have gained part of it back.  I gave up on the healthy trails that I had worked so hard to forge due to stress.  Now I’m ready to begin again.  I don’t like the way I feel, and I want to be able to try new physical challenges, like a marathon.  Today, I was sitting in the car and realized that he muffin top was back!  So tomorrow, I am getting back on track with my lists and exercise.  I have to….I refuse to buy fat clothes again….yes…I said fat clothes!  Now, honestly I have a better reason than clothes.  I have seen the effects of being overweight within my own family.  I truly do not want to have major medical issues when I am older just because I couldn’t resist chocolate or the southern favorite…..anything fried.    What is your motivation for loosing weight?


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