April 12, God's Grace, words

words spoken—lesson learned

It is utterly shocking to realize that while I thought I had handled a situation correctly (or at least moderately so), I was in fact to blame for part of it.  Finding yourself in the situation of being “wrong” isn’t easy to stomach.  It can literally make one sick and grasping at straws of deniability.  Yes, I was slapped in the face with this very reality today.  I must say that I had so strongly felt as though I was the person wronged, that I never saw (or unconsciously wanted to see) the true picture.  Maybe that is a quirky fault in my personality–seeing things from another person’s perspective.  Maybe that is a fault that is fundamentally playing havoc in many lives today.  I said things that I shouldn’t have said, and heard things that were hurtful. Words….the culprit of this situation.  If they had been kinder, compassionate, worthy, or more understanding, then this post might have a different topic. Today I am thankful of God’s grace and his understanding I am quick to talk instead of listen, and often too bent on my wisdom instead of his.  Continually asking for forgiveness as I travel along ….stumble along….hoping and learning.


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