feb. 12, God's plan, life in general

missed a spot

The other day, after going on a cleaning expedition, I sat down by my patio doors to read a book.  Then, I noticed it.  There it was, a spot that I missed while dusting.  I have to embarrassingly admit that it bothered me.  I had tried to clean every little annoying spot.  Of course, I wanted to get up and immediately whisk away my cleaning failure.  I didn’t.  I sat there and thought about  the “missed spot” and it made me start thinking about the things that can be missed.

Missed loved ones, missed loves….

missed time, missed moments…..

missed places, missed houses, missed rooms …..

missed secrets, missed outbursts, missed confrontations…..

missed opportunities, missed chances….

missed letters, missed notes, missed words, missed silence….

missed wholeness, missed warmth, missed hugs, missed comfort….

missed healing, missed joy, missed peace, missed happiness…..

Which leads me to crave the “missed” part of life, and to know that tomorrow I can attempt to NOT miss things that are in my path, but might not be on my road map.


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