Dogs, feb. 12

Independent and Strong!

This is my precious Missy Belle!  She will be 16 years old this year (as far as we can calculate).  Let’s just say that I’ve had this little precious baby for 15 years.  Over the past couple of years, she started having issues with her back legs, and just recently it began to get worse.  A visit to the vet and it got better then worse. She could barely pick up her two back feet.  Took her back to the vet and he said that it would never heal…..and would eventually get even worse.  He said that he would help, but that her age and the impact of the condition would lead to a major decision.

Well, my happy little Missy Belle, is showing her independence and courage by walking and getting around even better than a week ago. Now, let me say, that she knows how to get attention and sometimes will just sit so that I will pick her up to go from room to room!  As long as she is driven and motivated… decision will have to be made.

And let me just say, that this has been such a lesson for me.  Sometimes, I get bogged down in what is happening around or to me.  I need to be more focused on what’s important….and enjoy life….find the things that make me happy and stick with it!   After reflection, my question to ask is “Does this really matter?  Only good things and those that are a reflection of the good that is in heaven matter!”

Love lessons I learn from my dogs….humbled!


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