dec. 11, shopping

It’s been a Vera Christmas!

I must admit….I am not a shopper.  I enjoy walking around and looking at items, but not regularly.  I usually have a list and go for what is needed.  My mother on the other hand, loves to shop.  So today, yes, the day after Christmas, I decided to go with her.  I have given up on the day after Thanksgiving.  All of the crowds and lines just make me cranky.  I thought today would be the same.  We did however, have to return a bracelet that she had given me.  I am not good with watches or bracelets.  I tend to beat them to death…not on purpose, but just by wearing them.  I did not have a clue what to exchange it for so I mentioned a Vera Bradley travel bag, knowing that I would need to chip in on the overage.  Anyhow, let me explain my annoying issues with this.  I always want to buy a bag, but then I become overwhelmed with the selection of colors and styles.  So, I’ve been slowly purchasing a few expresso items.  I have three (one I bought for myself last week).  I wanted a color scheme that would compliment expresso……leading us to Mocha Rouge.  When we entered our story in downtown, I found a MR bag on the sales rack and knew that it was in the wrong place.  When I asked about this obvious mistake, I was told that it was not 50% off…..(knew it couldn’t be true)….but that it was 40% off.  Let’s just say that I got my overnight bag plus a few extras!  Merry Late Christmas to me! 🙂

By the way, even though I loved the Dooney and Bourke purse that I saw today….and took several deep breaths when I saw the price tag…..glad I got these instead!


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