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state of wonder

One of the best parts of working curriculum is that I can listen to books while I work.  I know this sounds like an insane idea, but it works for me.  My friends/co-workers tell that they do  not know how I can listen to someone and not type what they are saying, but what is written on the page in front of me.  I can’t explain this multi-tasking concept except that I’ve always been wired this way.  I often have many things going on at what time and when I really don’t want to do something….I procrastinate as a way of rebellion probably because it is something that requires me to just focus on one thing.  That type of focus….I don’t like it!  One of my downfalls.

So I finished my last book Friday night, State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett.  I must admit that I didn’t find the story too compelling on the book flap or the amazon description, but every magazine and online review was positive.  So, I took a chance.  I am an extremely picky reader.  I want all loose ends completely tied before I have to put the book down.  I want to have answers.  I want to know what people were thinking.  I like to have twists, but not unsolved side stories.  Don’t bore me with overwhelming details that cause the story to be lost.  Having said all that, I must admit that I became completely engrossed in this book.  If you are or will read the book, I must give a spoiler alert at this point.  Don’t blame me if you keep reading!

I became invested in this book traveling into the jungle with Marina.  The author was able to create such dynamic and connected characters with detailed descriptions.  I have to add that Hope Davis also did an exquisite job of transforming into each character within the audible version.  I spent twelve hours with these characters from many different backgrounds that traveled into the depths of the jungle in search for the one drug that would be the answer for fertility.  Along the way, the characters intertwined with their own feeling and opinions about the work and the reason that Marina was there.

I was so excited to put on my earphones and listen to the last hour.  As the end was near, only 25 minutes left, I began to notice that the story became so ….non-descriptive and rushed.  I was dependent on the description and detail of all the previous events that this left me wondering what was happening.  Then, when the book was done, I felt cheated.  Within the last part of the book, the characters betrayed all the emotions, morality, and bonds that were created throughout the storyline.  The book ends with Marina sleeping with her “friend”  that she really didn’t seem close to, who was married to the person that begged her to go find him, without answers to her own relationship, or what would happen with the drug, or Easter……ah….Easter (deaf-boy in the village that she wanted to take home with her)…..she traded him….traded him for her friend.

Would I recommend this book to you?  Yes, because we all know that books mean different things for everyone.  You  might find the ending to utterly fulfill the beginning quest.

Let me know what you think?

FYI:  Other books that I listened to while working this summer—–

Heart of the Matter & Baby Proof by Emily Griffin; The Alchemyst:  The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

Many more on list to read….


2 thoughts on “state of wonder”

  1. I love listening to books on CD in my car. People always ask me if all the starting and stopping drives me crazy. I always find this an interesting question. Sometimes, I sit in the car and wait for a logical place and turn offf my car. Or sometimes I just have to run for something but as soon as I get back in the car, I am immediately transported back to the place and time, etc.

    My son likes it, too.

    I love Patchett and I would love her this book. I’ll be interested to see if the ending feels rushed. I’m working on a book myself and I’m thinking a lot about the ending. I hate books where the endings feel too rushed or too slow, too contrived or too controlled. It ain’t easy to find that balance.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Now I’m following you! 😉

  2. I have this on audio and it’s my next book to listen to. The description sounded interesting… now I hope it lives up to my expectations.

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