challenge, God's plan, may 11


Did you know that we all have the potential for influencing others?  Of course you know that because you are blogging.  We all know how influential blogging can be and the number of possible encounters is overwhelming.  Today in Sunday School we were discussing the fact that we are often placed in certain situations that require us to take a stand for the positive; actions that have an influence on others.  All of us have had a mentor, teacher, parent or other person that helped to mold the person we have become.  Let’s be honest, the influence can be positive or negative depending on the person.  Hopefully we have seen the positive and now know how to block the negative.  One person in class was negative about a certain social network and made a broad (& negative) statement about it.  It is my belief that you can use anything in your life for positive or negative.  Food, for example, can be use negatively to help someone cope with the issues of life.  Money can cause people to have issues with greed and status.  We should seek to find the balance within our lives and know that we have the potential to be more than what we could have ever imaged.  We have the potential to cause change and to help others find their potential.  I know that this sounds like a promotional blog, but I really never thought of myself as having this type of “potential” throughout the day to help others. Challenge:  try to find one way during the day to have a positive influence on others.


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