april 11, life in general

Why did I do that?

Have you ever done something just because you thought it was the right thing?  However, in hindsight you are so aggravated with yourself for saying/doing  it.  In times past I would say “yes” to any and everything related to my job.  Now, I am extremely protected over my time, and what I want to do in my life.  The simple joys are those that I don’t want to miss.  There was a show on tv the other night….”Magic of Ordinary Days”.  Today we are living so faced paced that we truly forget to look at each day as a blessing. I hope that my response isn’t ill-fated in that I can’t look at each day as magical.

So, while writing this, I concluded that this would be a wonderful topic to blog about daily….Magic of Ordinary Days.  What do you think?


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