april 11, happy thoughts, life in general


This was the last day of spring break, and even though I have accomplished quite a bit….overall it was disappointing.  I was talking with a friend/co-worker, and we believe that the culprit is the timing of our spring break.  Normally, after spring break we have approximately six to seven more weeks of school.  In response to what seems like an overwhelming amount of time before our next break, I often cram as much as I can into that one week.  This year, we only have four more weeks of school left before summer vacation.  This was just the beginning of the end!  One week is testing plus school exams, then honor roll assemblies and graduations.  Wow…it won’t be long until summer.  So, maybe it was that spring break seemed like a pit stop before the final destination!

Seriously, I know that my vacation was little topsy turvy because we found  out that my dad will have surgery next week.  Praying that everything will be smooth with a quick recovery!

Now, since it is the last day of my vacation, and I have worked in the yard for three days and an arduous day of cleaning inside today…..this is my hint that it’s time to relax and have exciting dreams…..maybe about summer!


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