april 11, God's plan, happy thoughts, life in general, writing

to be refreshed and refined

After the past couple of weeks, I have heard all the advice to move on.  Some of which was given tenderly with friends, and others…some I thought of as friends…gave it with either harsh intent or matter-or-fact tone.  It seems that every song, tv show, book, or verse is telling me to praise the Lord even if I don’t understand why.  There is part of me that thinks I am overreacting and there are things tremendously worse that what I have been through.  However, our bible lesson a couple of week’s ago stated that grief can occur with actions or decisions other than death.  There are stages that we must go through in order to deal with the changes that accompany these decisions and help us to move on to being happy again.

So this week, in order to help myself become more in tune with my purpose in life I am going to delve into major spring cleaning.  I know it sounds crazy, but I feel the need to let go of the things that have begun to clutter my life.  Things that were important a few weeks or months ago do not seem that way now.  I remember being a child, and I loved to read, go outside, play, and enjoy the day.  I want to be like that again.  I have become too attached to modern technology to focus on what is important.  I banished facebook for the past week and actually read more, wrote more, reflected more, and listened more….also blogged more.  Hopefully, looking at what I need to accomplish will help me “get organized and prioritize”.


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