One Word

My word for 2014:  Grow

I read the book One Word That Will Change Your Life, and I thought how this would be a more direct, intense and fulfilling approach rather than making new year’s resolutions.  As I looked at action plan, I wanted to ponder the aspect of one word and created a list in my mind–participate, fearless, bold.  I prayed for my word hoping to get clarification.  Yet, my indecisiveness continued.  Then, down to the wire, this evening I was looking for a connector to my kindle.  I knew where it was suppose to be, but yet couldn’t seem to find it.  Finally, after looking in the same spot several times, I found it under a stack books.  Moving the books, I noticed a journal that had the words-ideas grow here.  Grow….grow, was there a purpose for this search.  I thought about it, but wasn’t fully convinced.  Then, I moved another stack of books, and the top book had the words–love, aspire, grow. I got the message!  I completed the questions, but still realized that if I grow in my relationship the Lord, then everything else will fall into place. My word is grow!


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not surprised but disappointed

I beginning to think that the reason I like dogs so much is because they are more trustworthy than most humans.  Today, I realized that for some people, being deceitful and disrespectful is just a way of life.  Trying to stay above these things with God’s strength.  This is the key to my happiness.


Do I have to?

There are things that we do not want to do in this journey that we travel along.  My dog Pippa, for instance, does not like taking a bath.  I don’t like cleaning the house, or ironing. I am sure that we could compose a long list of things that we do not like to do and many times try to pass along to someone else. What if the things that we do not want to do relates to people.  Many times these things that we so desperately dislike are things that make us feel some kind of emotional connection to people.  For example, I am thinking of one person that I truly do not like being around because of the way she talks to me and others.  I would rather remove myself from the situation than to deal with this person.  What is the problem is at work?  Maybe there is a situation that feels helpless so we would rather not be respectful or professional to the person in charge.  Sometimes we may feel as though we have been slighted by someone, and we cannot wait for karma to come back around….double…triple the pain that experience.  Is it truly about love and forgiveness?

I have spent the day continuing to work on a Sunday School lesson about loving one another.  Yes, it has definitely hit home, and I know I have a long way to go to be more Christ like.  However, I know when I need to make a change, and I must admit that I have not taken to heart as I should the greatest commandment which is to love one another.  What a challenging commandment!  It would be easier to pick and choose the people we love, especially when others have hurt us terribly or let us down in some way.  This commandment means that we are to show genuine concern for other believers, and not to repay evil for evil.  Jesus says in Luke 6:33 that we are to do good to those who do evil to us. What?  I don’t want to love them.  I want to be mad at them and pray that they get to experience the same hurt and humiliation that I did!

Grace!  How blessed we are that God’s grace extends to us and that we are not subject to our same judgement by him.  He loves us… matter what we have done.  That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t disciple us, but that he has unconditional and self-sacrificing love for us.  If we have the Holy Spirit within us, then we will strive to show love to others without any reservations or motives.

Do you know how hard this lesson is to study and teach?  I have learned that the best lessons are those that move me to change before I present it to others.  What blessings have you received by loving others….even those you never thought you could love?

finally arrived

I ordered Pippa a new collar, flower and leash from ScatteredBrained Collars.  We have been waiting all week for them to arrive.  I ordered the last one in “retro”.  Pippa was a little hesitate about the flower.  She would do a little shake of the head trying to figure out what was touching her ears.  She can signal the pitiful eye-look and lower her head when she doesn’t like something, which is what she did at first.  After a few minutes outside she was fine. Check out the page and see what all she has to offer for your furry friends! (Yes, there are bow ties for the boys!)


What to do?

My flower bed was beautiful.  Then, after the hurricane a few years ago, I had to work diligently to bring it back to life.  Time became an issue because I just didn’t have any to spare.  I must admit that I deserted it and left it alone for way to long.  This past summer, in the wake of another hurricane, we had to say good by to the lovely, old, and leaning tree that was part of my garden.  Now, without the tree, the weeds have taken over.  I worked for awhile today, and I must admit, I almost want to give up.  But, I have come to the conclusion that I need to remove everything except the palm trees and start over.  Unfortunately, it’s a rainy couple of days ahead.  So, this is now one of my goals over the next few weeks and into summer.